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Plant resources

updated on:2019-04-29

There are more than 190 families, 900 genera and more than 2,300 species of wild plants in Panzhihua City, among which 130 families, 372 genera and 546 species of wild plant resources are distributed in Renhe District. Plants in Panzhihua include 9 families, 13 genera, and 24 species (including 2 varieties) of acarids, 4 families, 5 genera, and 9 species (including 1 variety) of gymnosperms, 105 families, 306 genera, and 453 species (including 18 varieties and 3 subspecies) of dicotyledons, and 12 families, 48 genera, and 60 species (including 4 varieties) of monocotyledonous plants. There are 10 rare plants in the territory, including Panzhihua sago cycas, linden, ginkgo, catalpa, cinnamon, cunninghamia unica, eucommia, gastrodia elata, magnolia officinalis, and nanmu. Among them, Panzhihua sago cycas and eucommia areis are national grade II protected plants, accounting for 6.45% of the 31 species of those protected plants in Sichuan Province. Cunninghamia unica, gastrodia elata, catalpa, magnolia officinalis, and nanmu are national grade III protected plants.