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Travel Guide  
Recommended Tourist Resorts
Release time:2016-03-07

  Ashuda Flower World Scenic Area

  Yinjiang Town, East District, Panzhihua City

  0812-6682888 (Ashuda Tourist Reception Center), 0812-3344158 (Yifuda Local Custom Inn), 0812-6606566 Lanyue Mountain Villa)

  Located below Panzhihua Baoanying Airport, with the airport road running through the whole territory, about 12km from the downtown, 20km from Jinjiang Railway Station, and 15 minutes by self-driving; community bus from the city central square to Ashuda is available and the traffic is convenient.

  Puda Sunshine International Health, Pension and Holiday Resort

  Puda Village, Qianjin Town, Renhe District, Panzhihua City

  8km from the East District, Panzhihua City, 15 minutes from Bingcaogang by car, 8 minutes from Renhe downtown, and the “Chengdu-Kunming Double Track Railway”, which is under construction, has a station at the entrance of the Project.

  Miyi Health Preservation and Pension Holiday Center

  Miyi Downtown, Panzhihua City


  60km from the urban area with excellent road conditions.

  Flower, chicken, fried preserved meat with green pepper, fried bamboo shoots with green pepper, etc.

  Busy taking photos on the trip: Graceful mountains and rivers, amazing karst cave.

  Casual strolling: Xianjia Tourist New Village, Haita Scenic Area, Guabang Mosque, the old site of the Provincial “May 7th" Carder School

  Gesala Ecotourist Area AAAA

  Gasala Township, Yanbian County, Panzhihua City


  Gesala, which is the center of the golden triangle tourist area of “Daocheng—Lijiang—Panzhihua” and part of the Great Shangri-la Ecotourist Area of China, is 130km from Lugu Lake, 151km from Panzhihua urban area, and about 3 hours by car. Travel to Yumen Town along the Provincial Road 216, then pass through Yongxing and Qinghe Waterfall and then you arrive at the destination via Gesala Township. You can continue your trip to Lugu Lake and Daocheng from the Area.

  Dazuofeng Tourist Base AA

  Reshuitang Village, Guosheng Township, Panzhihua City


  You can travel by self-driving between the famous tourist lines of Gesala and Zemulong. You can also get to the Dazuofeng Tourist Base by taking a bus from Yumen to Guosheng.

  Hongge Hotspring Tourist Resort

  Hongge Town, Yanbian County, Panzhihua City

  Hongge Hotspring Tel: 0812-8781918 Hongge Hotspring Holiday Inn Tel: 0812-8782999

  Located on the famous tourist loop line of “Shangri-la of Sichuan and Yunnan, Hongge Hotspring Tourist Resort is 30km from the City center, 50km from the airport, 30km from the railway station and 9km from Chengdu-Panzhihua Expressway entrance. You can get to the destination by taking the bus of Yanbian-Xinjiu, Panzhihua-Xinjiu and get off at Hongge.

  Yumen Island

  Yumen Town, Yanbian County, Panzhihua City


  It is 78km from Panzhihua to Yumen via the Provincial Road 216. It is a trip of 1.5 hours by car. From Ertan Dam to Yumen, you can travel via the line around the lake by self-driving; and you can also take a motorboat for about 1-hour by waterway.

  Xindao Amusement World AA

  Dahe Middle Road, Renhe District, Panzhihua City (the former Xindao Amusement Center)


  Bus route 1, 4, 63 and 7.

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