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Travel Guide  
One-day Tour
Release time:2016-03-07

  One-day Tour

  Line A: Fresh Fruit Picking and Hotspring Tour

  Panzhihua Park—Ashuda Flower World picking—Hongge Hotspring

  Enjoy Scenery

  Panzhihua Park, Cycad Garden, Heroes Monument , Zuhu Park Fountain, Zoo and Botanic Garden

  Ashuda Flower World: flowers and plants, viewing platform, local customs of the Yi People, golf practice

  Hongge Hotspring: Hotspring SPA, sports base, golf, hotspring town, wind power generation landscape, sea of bougainvillea flower, new village dwellings

  Take a look at the cycads that bloom every year in Panzhihua Park, have aerobic respiration with the sunshine penetrating through tree branches; enjoy the fresh fruits of the Flower World, and take photographs with the butterflies in the flowering shrubs; have a bath in the radon gas mineral spring water of Hongge Hotspring and say goodbye to rheumatism, asthma and arthritis.

  The special snack of mutton rice noodles with Yanbian characteristics in the neighborhood of Panzhihua Park are recommended; the mutton is fine, smooth and delicious, the color is fresh, tasting and nutritious, while the rice noodles are fine, slippery and refreshing with unique flavors. The tongue-tip delicacy of “firewood chicken” is prepared with local chicken and secret recipe, cooked over local stove and firewood and fried with fresh vegetables in season combining color with fragrance and taste. The street of “featured copper hot pot” of Hongge Hotspring, which is unique in terms of side dishes, ingredient and pot-charging, is attractive in appearance, unique in taste, with local chicken blocks, pork ribs, local preserved meat, ham, preserved salted duck and coriander meatballs set out in layers, which are fresh, tender, delicious and fragrant, with implied meanings of happiness, unity and reunion.

  Line B: Fresh Fruit Picking and a Tour of Reminiscence

  Panzhihua Third-line Construction Museum—Renhe Wetland Park—Juque Inkstone Cultural Street—Yishala Village

  Enjoy Scenery

  Panzhihua Third-line Construction Museum: demonstration of the Third-line Construction history, Panzhihua Construction history and data, and weapons (equipment)

  Renhe Wetland Park: Moonlight over the lotus pond, wetland landscape, bodybuilding footpath, riverside angling, and sand amusement

  Juque Inkstone Cultural Street: Cultural Street, Juque Inkstone Museum

  Yishala Village: Hui style architecture, romantic charm in regions south of the Yangtze River, ancient Tanjing music, high walls and small alleys, sea of sunflower, marvelous spectacles in gorges

  Visit the collection and demonstration of Panzhihua Third-line Construction Museum, feel the 50-year construction process of Panzhihua and recall the glorious times and green years. Enjoy Renhe riverside landscape, view the moonlight over the lotus pond and play with sand and water. Feel the fineness of satin-like juque inkstone. Listen to the ancient Tanjing music dating back to the Northern and Southern Dynasties to feel the royal court music of 1,600 years ago, view the amazing spectacles of the gorges and exclaim the romantic charm of nature.

  “One village and three groups” in the neighborhood of Renhe Wetland Park is recommended where local featured food from Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou are all available with more than 100 dishes. “Featured roast fish” or “special flavor roast goose and roast duck” in Renhe agritainment, and take a walk along the riverside with the local people after supper for health maintenance and relaxation.

  Line C: Sunshine Leisure and a joyful journey

  Ashuda Flower World—Zhuangshang Tourist New Village—Xindao Amusement Center

  Enjoy Scenery

  Ashuda Flower World: Urban resort, sight view of the sea of flowers and campfire of the Yi People

  Zhuangshang New Village: Jinsha riverside, sunshine flower, outward development, water sprinkling and water playing

  Enjoy the 3,000-mu urban agriculture theme park focusing on low carbon and flowers in the Flower World. Go to Zhuangshang Village to visit the flower and plant base and feel the sea of flowers and the dream factory of flowers. Have a good time in Xindao Amusement Center and enjoy a pleasant surprise of a sleepless night.

  Recommend the “Jinsha River Fish” of the Zhuangshang Village which is tender, fragrant and delicious.

  Line D: Sunshine Leisure and a Countryside Trip

  Ashuda Flower World (urban resort)—Zhuanxu Cave in Miyi County—Haita Scenic Area

  Enjoy scenery

  Ashuda Flower World: Urban resort, sight view of the sea of flowers and campfire of the Yi People

  Miyi Karst Cave: wonderful views in the cave, stalactites, cave waterfalls, Zhuanxu culture, dragon chanting in gorges

  Haita scenic area: season of three flowers, spring all over the lake, idyllic scenery

  Enjoy the 3,000-mu urban agriculture-theme park focusing on low carbon and flowers in the Flower World.

  Go to Zhuangxu Cave, which is known as a “marvelous cave in China”, to have your lungs cleaned by a high concentration of negative oxygen ions.

  Enjoy the peach flower, pear flower and rape flower blooming at Haita, and have an outing in the countryside.

  Recommend beef rice noodles by Sister Yang in Miyi, which is fresh and tender, fat but not greasy, with rich nutrition. Enjoy fish at "Fish, Rice and Sunshine Holiday Base, and “Zeng Jelly”, the most authentic among “Salian Jelly” “Featured roast whole lamb and roast rabbit”, which are crispy outside and tender inside, with a special flavor of the Yi People.

  Line E: Sunshine Leisure and a Trip to the Urban Area

  Panzhihua Park—Great Stairway with Sunshine —Memory of Dukou (the former name of the City)

  Enjoy Scenery

  Panzhihua Park, Cycad Garden, Heroes Monument , Zuhu Park Fountain, Zoo and Botanic Garden

  Great Stairway with Sunshine: City statue, image logo, Jinsha riverside

  Memory of Dukou: Memory of the City, the old appearance replaced by a new one

  Take a walk through the Great Stairway in the warm winter sunshine, and have a cool drink at the New Space by the riverside Visit Zuhu Park where winding paths lead to secluded quiet places and the lakeside green bamboo is reflected in the water. Memory of Dukou, recalling the past 。

  Recommend the urban “Song Yanhua Restaurant”, “Dazuofeng Restaurant” with featured Yanbian flavor.

  Line F

  Night tour in the flower city

  Line 1: Bingcaogang—Xindao Amusement Center---Renhe Square—Riverside Park

  Bingcaogang is a political, economic and cultural center of the whole city, with various service facilities of restaurants, hotels, transportation and amusement. Starting from here, head for the newly-built Xindao Amusement Center to experience a thrilling and exciting fairyland; Renhe Square borders the Riverside Park with a wetland landscape and both dynamic and static activities, particularly suitable for family amusement.

  Line 2: Bingcaogang--Ashuda Flower World Scenic Area

  Going through the busy night of Bingcaogang, leave for Ashuda Flower World, take the sightseeing elevator to view the lights of the 50km steel city and enjoy the strong south subtropical customs lingering with flower fragrance at night.

  Line 3: Leisure, Walking and Body-building Line of Miyi Riverside Landscape (the Landscape from Bridge 1 to Bridge 3)

  Miyi Passion Square Body-building Greenway (or along the Riverside Corridor)—to Bridge 2 along the Body-building Greenway (or walking along the river bank)—Ningze Sunshine Hotel Riverside Section—Canoeing Whitewater Slalom Competition and Training Base (walking along the river bank)—Bridge 3—Caochang River Section Body-building Greenway, Yingbin Revenue, West River Section—Miyi Sunshine Hotel at the Bridgehead of Bridge 2—West River Section Bridgehead of Bridge 1—East River Section Bridgehead of Bridge 1—Music Square Section—Miyi Passion Square Section.



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