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Travel Guide  
Fresh Fruit Picking
Release time:2016-03-07

  January to February

  Suitable for picking: coffee bean, custard apple, termite mushroom, strawberry, navel orange and loquat

  March to April

  Suitable for picking: blueberry, cherry, mulberry, Guosheng tea, nectarine, custard apple, black termite mushroom, watermelon and dragon fruit

  May to June

  Suitable for picking: mango, lichee, longan, watermelon, grape, wax apple, 

  July to August

  Suitable for picking: mango, pomegranate, grape, longan, lichee, wax apple, snow pear, walnut, guava, dragon fruit, kiwi fruit, tangerine, Guosheng tea, peach and plum

  September to October

  Suitable for picking: mango, pomegranate, pomegranate, star fruit, navel orange, grape, wax apple, snow pear, kiwi fruit, tangerine, Guosheng tea, dragon fruit and guava

  November to December

  Suitable for picking: navel orange, mango, strawberry, winter peach, tangerine, dragon fruit, guava, persimmon and loquat

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