Four Great Tourist Routes
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Four Great Tourist Routes  
Fascinating Landscape of the Great Rift Valley
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  The Ertan National Woodland Park covers a planned area of 732km2, of which 101 km2 is occupied by water. It boasts a forest coverage of 70% with many species of plants and animals. The Asia first dam, symbol of industrial civilization, stands against the background of natural scenic combination of mountains, lakes, springs, woods and caverns. The park has been filed under the 2002-2010 Woodland Park Development Program proposed by the State Forest Administration. To develop sight-seeing, holiday-spending and special tourist resorts and boost eco-travel, a total of 2 billion yuan will be invested into this project.

  The Changjiang Rafting Festival as the image speaker of the city has been successfully held in Panzhihua for consecutive three years. During the Labor Day period 2005, the festival entitled ’First Rafting Station on the Changjiang River—a Leisure Seeking Destination’ was launched which attracted hundreds of participators within 7 days.

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