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Directory of Travel Agencies  
Panzhihua International Travel Agency
Release time:2008-10-17

  Panzhihua International Travel Agency is a tourist service provider, working together with Panzhihua Tourism Administration and Panzhihua Hotel(three-star). Founded in May 1988, it was formerly known as Panzhihua tourism Co.,Ltd. incorporated in January,1986. In accordance with the requirements of the China National Tourism Administration, we successfully transformed our category of business in 1997, becoming the sole agency dealing with both domestic and international tourism activity.

  Panzhihua is located at the Pan-Xi Great Rift Valley which is at the junction of southwestern Sichuan and northwestern Yunnan, about 300km away from those well-known neighboring sceneries, such as Lugu Lake, Lijiang, Zhongdian, Dali, Kunming, Xichang. Our agency has unique geographic advantage to manage these toursm routes.

  After years of development, our businesses have been expanded into domestic and international tourism service, such as sight-seeing, ticket reservation, passports and visa application, border exit/entrance permits, tourism consulting and so on. We have also developed into the largest, strongest and best international Travel Agency in Panzhihua city.

  Add:B2 Floor of Panzhihua Hotel Conference and Exhibition Center, Panzhihua, Sichuan Province


  Tel:(0812)3332210 3341112



  General Manager: Zhang Xingfu

  Liaison Manager:Wan Tao  Xiang Dong

  Our company belongs to the recreation&ebtertainment category.

  Tel: (0812)3332210 3341112

  Address:The B2 floor of Panzhihua Hotel Exhibition Center, Panzhihua, Sichuan province.

Sponsor: Panzhihua Municipal Committee of the CPC, Panzhihua Municipal People's Government
Undertaker: Office of Panzhihua E-government Construction Leading Group,
Management Center of Panzhihua E-government Construction
Translation support: Panzhihua TopTran Service ICP registration: Shu ICP 05023179