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Miyi tribute rice
Release time:2016-07-12

  In Panzhihua the tribute rice is also referred to as imperial rice or colored rice as the rice in Miyi comes in five different colors. It stands out among various kinds of rice for imperial kitchens in the past dynasties. Restricted by the climatic and soil conditions, the planting places are relatively fewer and the output is relatively lower, so tribute rice is considered a rarity among rice collections. According to historical records, local officials would be instructed by the emperor to appoint special personnel to monitor the process of sowing seeds and harvesting crops, and pay tribute every year. Miyi has a long history of producing tribute rice, and the product from Fangtian town is particularly famous. In recent years researchers have developed a new breed of glutinous rice in different colors and with different maturation phases. Identified by West China University of Medical Sciences, the Miyi tribute rice is highly nutritious and multifunctional. With higher contents of protein, amino acid, vitamin, sugar and iron, it is a perfect choice with several benefits: a tonic spleen and a warm stomach, a clear vision and an active blood flow, dispelling heat and helping produce saliva, anti-aging and rejuvenation, hair darkening and longevity. Miyi tribute rice appears in various colors: black, red, green, purple and white. Small and exquisite, lustrous and smooth, polished and rounded, it enjoys laudatory titles such as black pearl, blood replenishing rice, longevity rice and happiness rice.

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