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Ertan Cloud and Mist Tea
Release time:2016-07-12

  Ertan cloud and mist tea is a well-known specialty of Guosheng Township, Yanbian County, Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province. Yanbian’s Ertan cloud and mist tea has beautiful green leaves, and turns a clear and bright green hue in the cup. It tastes mellow and umami, and has a strong and lasting chestnut fragrance and a unique aroma of orchids, so it is good to share with friends.

  Established in August 2004, Yanbian Ertan Tea Industry Co., Ltd. (registered trademarks: Ertan and Ertan Cloud & Mist, 二滩and 二滩云雾 in Chinese, respectively) is an integrated tea company focusing on production, processing and sales of tea, edible fungus and other local specialties, and its main product is ‘Ertan Cloud & Mist’- a famous green tea. The company has a registered capital of 2 million yuan and an existing asset of nearly 10 million yuan. Its tea production base is located in Guosheng Township, foothills of the scenic Bailing Mountain. Covering an area of 1,500 square meters, the company’s plant is equipped with more than 20 sets of advanced tea processing equipments with a designed processing capacity of 20 tons as well as complete delivery testing equipments.

  Raw materials of ‘Ertan Cloud & Mist’, a series of well-known green tea of Yanbian Ertan Tea Industry Co., Ltd., originate from Bailing Mountain, Guosheng Township, which is famous for mild climate, abundant rainfall, four distinctive seasons, adequate light and heat, fertile soil, plentiful vegetation, and cloud and mist-shrouded scenery all the year round. Boasting of an average annual temperature of 16.6 Celsius degree, annual rainfall of 1,200 mm to 2,000 mm and elevation difference of 2,370 m, with the maximum elevation of 4,195 meters and the minimum of 1,460 m, Bailing Mountain is an authentic example for the saying ‘good tea always originates from the places shrouded by cloud and mist’. In the production process, based on integration of unique tea-making technologies of nearly ten categories of China’s famous tea, such as ‘Longjing, Zhuyeqing, Xinyang Maojian, and Nanjing Yuhua’, and repeated trials and researches, a series of processes and technologies more suitable for Guosheng’s tea raw materials have been worked out. The combination of high-quality raw materials and sophisticated processing creates the excellent quality of ‘Ertan Cloud & Mist’, which can be concluded as ‘beautiful appearance, clear liquor, green leaves, mellow taste, and strong fragrance.

  In 2005, based on sufficient investigation and study on quality and characteristics of raw materials of Guosheng ecological tea base as well as experiences of unique processing measures of well-known tea in China, Ertan Tea Industry Co., Ltd. developed three series of products, namely, the ‘Chunjian, Chunya and Maofeng’ under the brand of ‘Ertan Cloud & Mist’ by making use of modern tea processing technologies and innovating boldly in processes. In 2006, to meet the needs of different consumer groups, the company further subdivided the market and developed seven series of products represented by ‘Jinyunwu, Yinyunwu and Yunzhen’.

  The series of ‘Ertan Cloud & Mist’ is a competitive product that Ertan Tea Industry Co., Ltd. spares no effort to develop. It was awarded the Excellence Award in comparisons of domestic tea in ‘Huaming Cup’ held by China Tea Marketing Association in 2005. In the same year, it became the designated product for the first Sichuan Development Conference on Winter Travel, and a tourism product for Yanbian approved by Yanbian County Government.

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