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Miyi Brown Sugar
Release time:2016-07-12

  Miyi brown sugar is a well-known specialty of Miyi County. Located in the central region of Hengduan Mountain, Miyi features big elevation difference, criss-cross ravines and gullies, high mountains and dense forests, good natural vegetation and rich river systems. Its unique geographical and natural conditions bring about biological diversity and extremely abundant and diverse variety of products such as sugar canes, fruits, and vegetables. Made form pure sugar canes, Miyi brown sugar is a chemical additive–free specialty produced in accordance with the traditional process.

  Miyi brown sugar contains almost all the sugarcane’s elements beneficial to human health, such as sucrose, reducing sugar, semi-glycan, pectin, protein, amino acid, polyols and Ca, Fe, Zn and other trace elements. Because of good quality, it has been considered as a good food for replenishing energy since ancient times as well as a traditional health care product for enriching the blood and vitality. It is known as the ‘oriental chocolate’.

  As people pay more and more attention to their own health, demand of the market on Miyi brown sugar, a kind of green and healthy food, is restoring or even expanding at a fast pace, which demonstrates its development will have a promising future. Miyi County Government has made consistent efforts and will continue to foster the development of Miyi brown sugar as the county’s featured agricultural sector and a pillar industry. The government encourages leading enterprises to set good examples in restoring and promoting the Miyi brown sugar industry, and introduce to more people this traditional product, which is produced in accordance with stringent timing and place requirements and experiences of generations, and embodies the history and culture of Miyi, thus recovering the prosperity of the Miyi brown sugar industry.

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