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简体 | 繁體 | ENGLISH September 3, 2008
Scenic Spots  
Ivory Miniature
Release time:2008-10-17

  Pangang—’a miracle in the history of metallurgical industry’ as commented by foreign experts.

  Pangang— a steel works elaborately arranged in the same fashion like an ‘ivory miniature’

  Pangang—a sophisticated complex with an annual steel capacity of 3 million tons which is all laid out on a protruding slope

  Of all the integrated iron and steelmakers in the world, Pangang is the only one that is arranged within an area of 2.5km2. The ferrous feedstock used by Pangang is a multi-elements intergrown magnetite, which is so hard to process in the conventional blast furnace that for the past 10 decades metallurgists over the world have been preoccupied with solving this problem, but ended up with failures. However, through numerous experiments and exhausting efforts, this technology was debottlenecked by the Chinese people. Out of the ore complex containing many noble elements such as V, Ti, Ga and Sc, qualified steel was obtained eventually.

  This technology surprised the world with many proprietary process know-hows, and won the first prize of the National Science and Technology Invention. In order to restructure product mix and accelerate economic growth in west China, in 1986, Pangang injected 10 billion yuan into the second phase expansion. Through one decade’s efforts, this project with a capacity equal to an additional integrated iron and steelworks was brought on stream in 1997.

  Completion of this project is not only a big step ahead to update equipment and plants, but a landmark for the company to expand its product range from primary to value-added steels, from rails to plates and sheets.

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