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Historical Background  
Historical Background
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  On February 5th, 1965, a written ‘Reply regarding the Establishment of the People’s Committee of Panzhihua Special Region’ was issued jointly by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. On March 20th, the People’s Committee of Panzhihua Special Region was officially inaugurated. In April, the State Council replied to the Sichuan provincial People’s Committee, approving the request to change Panzhihua Special Region to Dukou Municipality, which covered a total area of 1,411.96km2 including both banks of the Jinsha River (’Golden Sand River’).

  In October 1974, approved by the State Council, the towns of Pingdi and Dalongtan of the Yongren County in Yunnan Province were allocated to the jurisdiction of Dukou Municipality.

  In July 1978, by decision of the Sichuan provincial government, the towns of Hongge, Xingjiu, Mengxing and four production brigades of Heai Town of Huili County became part of Dukou.

  In October of the same year, approved by the State Council and decided by the Sichuan provincial government, the counties of Miyi and Yanbian of Xichang Prefecture came under the jurisdiction of Dukou. By then, the area covered by the Municipality had increased to 7,434.4km2.

  In January 1987, with approval of the State Council, the Municipality was renamed Panzhihua.

  In March 2002, according to document No.[19] issued by the Panzhihua Civil Affairs Bureau, the administrative region of Panzhihua covered a total area of 7,440.398km2.

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