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The Rehabilitation Center of Sichuan Coal Industry Group (Miyi Ningze Sunshine Hotel)
Release time:2017-08-22

  The Rehabilitation Center of Sichuan Coal Industry Group (Miyi Ningze Sunshine Hotel) is a garden-like four-star hotel, offering catering, accommodation, and conference halls for business or leisure guests. Famous for beautiful environment and complete facilities, it is the largest nursing home and pneumoconiosis treatment and rehabilitation base with unique natural environment and garden view in the coal industry of Sichuan Province. The hotel is integrated well with local scenery. It consists of Building 1, Building 2, the Rehabilitation Building, the Convention Center, the Sunshine Dining Hall, the Energy Center and tennis courts, badminton courts and indoor fitness facilities. The artificial river, mounds, rest booths, and paths in woodland are well arranged in the garden. Due to its 60% of green coverage rate, the hotel is just like a natural air anion bar. Staying in it you will feel comfortable and relaxed.

  Miyi County lies in the northeast of Panzhihua, where the beautiful Anning River merges with Yalong River. It is an important area for the upper reaches of the Yangtze River in resource development and ecological protection. It is famous for abundant tourism and ecological agriculture resources, balmy climate, scenic livable environment and year-round fragrant flowers and fruits. It has become a domestically well-known source of special agricultural products such as early spring loquat, cherry, and mango.

  Miyi County, with an average elevation of 1836 meters, has a south subtropical dry hot valley climate, featuring extended hours of sunlight, no winter in the valley area, and big daily difference and small annual difference in temperature. It has an average temperature of 19.7℃and 307.5 days of frost-free period annually. With adequate sunlight, abundant rainfall, warm winter, hot spring and cool summer, it is not only a good place for preventing sunstroke in summer and escaping clod in winter, but also your first choice for healthcare and rehabilitation.

  Miyi County has a long history and colorful folk customs. It was the habitation of the ancient Qiong tribe, and now it is a harmonious settlement for 25 ethnic groups such as Han, Yi, Lisu, and Hui. Its ancient civilization and charming borderland flavor has nurtured abundant and peculiar cultural resources. There are the Mosque’s Wangyue Tower and Hejiaba Neolithic Site that are listed among the provincial cultural heritage sites; there are diversified primitive Lisu culture and Yi customs; there are an ever-changing ‘China Rare Cave’, namely, Miyi Longtan karst cave and the magnificent Ertan high dam hydropower station; there are unique waterfront landscape and riverside parks. The rise of national-level canoeing and kayaking, and Anning River flatwater sports projects attract outstanding athletes both from China and from foreign countries to come for training and competition, which adds a lot of modern sports elements to this quiet city. The subtropical eco-agriculture sightseeing along the banks of the Anning River, the wide stretches of Baiposhan primeval forest and the original scene of Pan-Xi rift valley constitute a unique natural tourism landscape of Miyi County.

  Miyi County is far away from industrial or mining sites. With mountains surrounded, a river running through and green agricultural economy, it keeps the peaceful lifestyle in agriculture civilization as well as fresh air. In the urban planning proposed by Shanghai Tongji University, it also shows its magnificence as a modern garden city. A ‘sunshining, green, and leisurely’ Miyi is now the only pure borderland in Pan-Xi region.

  It is a delight to have friends coming from afar. We will serve our gusts with ‘high-quality, warm and thoughtful’ services. You’ll find our hotel a home from home. We are looking forward to your visit.

  Address: No.193, Anning Road, Miyi County

  Tel: 0812-818811

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