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简体 | 繁體 | ENGLISH September 3, 2008
Geographic Location  
Geographic Location
Release time:2008-10-13

  Panzhihua is directly under the jurisdiction of Sichuan Provincial Government. With a longitude 108°08’E~102°15’E and latitude of 26°05’N~27°21’N, it lies in the southwest China where Sichuan Province Borders Yunnan province and the Yalung River merges into the Jinsha River. The city borders Huili County, Dechang County and Yanyuan County of Liangshan Prefecture in the northwest,and Ninglang County, Huaping County and Yongren County in the southwest. It is 749 km from Chengdu in the north, 351 km from Kunming in the south. Supported by infrastructure such as Cheng-Kun railway and 108 highway, it serves as a shortcut linking Sichuan to coastal cities and ports in South China and Southeast Asia, and an important communication hub on the “Southern Silk Road”.

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