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Special Delicacies  
Guosheng Bacon
Release time:2016-07-12

  Guosheng Bacon is a specialty food of Guosheng town. The lean meat looks rosy and moist, while the fat creamy and tender. It bites soft and dry with rich flavor lingering in the mouth and nose, which is suitable for all ages.

  How are the pigs raised in the Dazuo mountain of Guosheng town? They live a comfortable life there, chewing herbals, drinking minteral water and resting in the beautiful scene day after day. In the cold months of a year, the pigs are just big enough for serving the table. To make Guosheng Bacon, the meat should be very carefully selected with a percentage of lean and fat meat. Then salt, Sichuan pepper and liquor are mixed to spread on the meat and let it remain for a while, also called preservation process. Afterwards, it is dried up for storage. Thus, Guosheng Bacon is ready. At the time of eating, burn the pork skin and then clean. After one-hour stew, the bacon is taken out to cut into slices. A dish of cold slices is served with a bright contrast between the half pink lean meat and the half creamy fat, stimulating a good appetite.

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