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Changjiang River International Drifting Base
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Entertainment and Dieting Places  
Demystification of Industrial History in West China
Release time:2008-10-13

  Industrial tourism is widely talked about today. The New York Mint and Haier Production base in Qingdao receive tens of thousands of visitors every day. The Ertan Hydro-power project, which ’makes high gorges into a lake’, boasts a dam ranking highest in Asia and third highest in the world, and an underground powerhouse, the largest one in Asia. Pangang—a steel works elaborately arranged in the same fashion like an ’ivory miniature’ is the largest supplier of vanadium, titanium products and heavy rails, where tourists are offered the opportunity to witness power of high technology and demystify the story behind sparkling iron droplets. The 503 powerhouse, a colossal underground structure erected in 1960’s -1970’s is all arranged inside a mountain, which is peculiarly appealing to tourists. The Lianjian mine is the largest open pit of V-bearing titaniferous magnetite, which will be dressed into a highlighted scenic spot. According to the ’National Standards for Agricultural Tourism Demonstration and Industrial Tourism Demonstration’, infrastructures for the Ertan project--a ’World Class Dam’, Pangang--a steel works elaborately arranged in the same fashion like an ’ivory miniature’ and 503 Powerhouse--a gigantic underground complex, will be optimized to offer tourists an opportunity to experience spectacular modern civilization.

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