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National Sanitary City  
National Hygiene City
Release time:2008-10-13

  The National Patriotic Public Health Campaign Commission(NPPHCC) awarded Panzhihua the title of National Hygiene City on the 18th, which indicated Panzhihua was officially listed into the National Hygiene cities. It also marked a milestone of our city in moving forward with the public health campaign.

  Without flowers and slogans, the presentation ceremony was conducted in a simple but enthusiastic atmosphere at 4:30 in the afternoon. Liu Xiaohua, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Panzhihua, together with Zhang Yan, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, took over the nameplate of National Hygiene City from the leaders of NPPHCC. It is a moment of honor for all people in Panzhihua and a moment to be recorded in the history of Panzhihua.

  Panzhihua is a typical heavy industry city with poor infrastructure, which makes it quite difficult to move forward with the public health campaign. Since 2005, Panzhihua has been making further efforts toward the National Hygiene City following successful nomination for the provincial hygiene city and national Top Tourist City. Such a campaign closely clinging to people’s livelihood, has been extensively and strongly supported by leaders and people from all walks of life. Thanks to our untiring efforts in the last three years, especially the recent two years, great changes have taken place in city landscape, infrastructure and people’s moral standards. In April this year, members of the National Hygiene City Evaluation Committee came to Panzhihua. Following strict examination process and by signing the ‘Evaluation Opinions Form’, they unanimously agreed with NPPHCC on awarding Panzhihua the title of National Hygiene City. Furthermore, leaders and members of the evaluation committee conclude that Panzhihua as a typical city based on heavy industry in western China, has set up an example for the national Public health campaign by meeting all targets for a National Hygiene City in such a short time.

  On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee, the municipal government and one million of people in Panzhihua, Liu Xiaohua expressed his sincere gratitude to the NPPHCC for its effective guidance and strict supervision over our public health campaign. “Being awarded as the National Hygiene City is a recognition and encouragement for our work, however, it is not our final goal but a new starting point”, he said. We will continue our efforts to consolidate the achievements with no less involvement and investment. Meanwhile we’ll take more effective measures and establish the long-term mechanism to make Panzhihua a fast and sustainably developing regional metropolis, an ideal city where people live and work.

  Leaders of the NPPHCC hope that Panzhihua, starting from the honor of National Hygiene City, will improve the city’s management in an all-round way and promote the citizen’s health awareness so as to steadily strive toward the human oriented city.

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