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Capital of Vanadium and Titanium
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Capital of Vanadium and Titanium  
China Vanadium and Titanium Metropolis
Release time:2008-10-13

  On the morning of the 19th, on the presentation ceremony for China Vanadium and Titanium Metropolis and the news release conference held in Beijing, Liu Xiaohua, Deputy Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and the mayor, took over the nameplate of ‘China Vanadium and Titanium Metropolis’ from Li Yuan, deputy director of the CPPCC National committee of Population, Resources and Environment and the chairman of the China Mining Association(CMA). This marks Panzhihua’s entry into Chinese well-known mining cities, and its transformation from steel based economy into vanadium and titanium oriented economy.

  Leaders of the Ministry of Land and Resources, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the

  Ministry of Industry and Information Technology together with Li Dongying and Chen Yuchuan, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering attended the ceremony.

  Huang Runqiu, Vice-chairman of Sichuan Political Consultation Conference, and municipal leaders Zhang Yan, Zhao Hui and Liu Jiangming attended the ceremony. Also present were over 30 news media including Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, CCTV, Sichuan Daily, and Sichuan TV station.

  Sources show that Panzhihua is so far one of the seven authorized Chinese well-known mining cities. According to the official publications, 76 minerals have been discovered; 39 of them have been proven in reserve and 45 have been exploited and utilized. The accumulative reserve of vanadium-bearing titaniferous magnetite is 7.337 billion tons. Vanadium reserve is 15.47 million tons accounting for 61% of national total and 11% of the world total, ranking first in China and third in the world. Titanium reserve is 538 million tons which is 75% of national total and 35% of the world total, ranking first in the world. The potential economic value of vanadium is up to 6250 billion US dollars.

  In recent years, based on our unique advantage of vanadium and titanium resources, we have formulated our new strategy aiming to build a China Vanadium and Titanium Metropolis by extensively exploring local resources and boosting distinctive economy. So far a vanadium industrial cluster is formed, including 17 state–owned and private enterprises in which Pangang Group is a leading international competitor. A full range of products can be supplied, such as vanadium slag, vanadium oxides, vanadium nitride(VN), ferrovanadium, making Panzhihua a vanadium production base ranking first in China and second in the world. With a market share of 74% and 18% in China and in the world respectively, annual sales revenue of 2.3 billion yuan RMB is yielded from vanadium industry. Meanwhile a titanium industry cluster is developed, including 50 enterprises supplying titanium slag, ilmenite, titanium dioxide pigment and ferro-titanium. One million tons of ilmenite and 70,000 tons of titanium dioxide pigment are produced annually. Panzhihua is the largest ilmenite producer in China, which supplies 40% of the national total, and generates annual sale revenue of 1.1 billion yuan RMB. So far about 945 prizes for achievements in science and technology in vanadium and titanium sectors have been awarded. In 2007, 44.34% of the city’s GNP was derived from vanadium and titanium sectors and their related products.

  Moreover, the city has set forth new targets for constructing the China Vanadium and Titanium Metropolis: by 2010, yield rate of vanadium shall have reached over 55% with annual sales revenue over 5 billion yuan; yield rate of titanium 20% by 2010 and up to 40% by 2015. In 2010, annual sales of titanium industry will exceed 10 billion yuan.

  In January this year, the city filed the application for ‘China Vanadium and Titanium Metropolis’ . CMA shall decide to award the title of ‘China Vanadium and Titanium Metropolis’ to Panzhihua according to the Provisional Regulations on Nomination of Well-known Mining City following field survey, expertized review, verification and on-line disclosure.

  Li Yuan stressed in his speech that Panzhihua should meet the demands for scientific development to construct a resource-saving and environmental friendly society. We should develop mining industry based on resource saving, scientific and efficient principles in order to maintain sustainable economic and social development.

  In his address, Liu Xiaohua reiterated, the title of ‘China Vanadium and Titanium Metropolis’ is both a milestone and a new starting point, which endows Panzhihua with a strong sense of responsibility and historical mission. We will strictly implement the scientific concept of development and actively innovate the resource development strategy. We should closely rely on scientific-technological progress and innovation, enhance awareness of resource saving and environmental protection and improve utilization rate of resources in order to build Panzhihua into as a highly developed strategic resource base and realize historical transformation from steel economy into vanadium and titanium based economy.

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